Ecclesiastes 7:29 versus Original Sin / Total Depravity

Ecclesiastes 7:29 - reads, "God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions."The Bible says God makes man upright. This is the very opposite of Calvinism's position, that man is born with inherited/original sin.How do I know Ecclesiastes 7:29 means God made every man (mankind, Genesis 6:7) upright, and not just that Adam was created upright in the creation?:Because the second part of the verse tells why man is not still upright. It is because "they (plural, not just Adam) have sought out many inventions (plural, not just Adam's one original sin)."- context = 7:20, 28 talking about many/all sinnersThe second part of the verse implies that if a man did not seek out (sinful, verse 20) “schemes” (NKJV), he would be upright. This contradicts the Calvinist's position that a man would not be upright (due to his inherited sin), even if he never committed personal sin.God makes man upright, not with original sin and/or total depravity.