Will Sprinkling/Pouring Suffice For Water Baptism? by Carrol Sutton

As we continue our examination of some things that are often taught or preached that can not proven by the Scriptures, let us now consider the following.9. "Water baptism may be ad-ministered by pouring or sprinkling water upon the head of the subject." The 1989 Manual of the Church of the Nazarene says: "Bap-tism may be administered by sprinkling, pouring or immersion, according to the choice of the applicant."(P. 36.)REPLY: Although the Catholic Church and a number of Protestant Churches practice sprinkling and pouring water on the head of the subject for baptism, no one is able to prove by the Scriptures that it pleases God. There are a number of things wrong with the idea that "sprinkling and/or pouring constitutes Scriptural baptism". Here are some of them.1. It is assumed, asserted and practiced without any authority whatsoever to do so from God! It is based completely on the wisdom of men. Read and consider such passages as: Jer. 10:23; Isaiah 55:8-9; Psa. 94:11; 1 Cor. 1:18-20, 27-29; 3:20, etc.2. There is no example in the NT of sprinkling or pouring water as baptism!3. There in no statement in the NT that such would be acceptable to God for baptism!4. There is no command in the NT for either pouring or sprinkling for baptism!5. There is no necessary implication that sprinkling or pouring was ever authorized or practiced as baptism with the approval of Jesus Christ!NOTE: There is simply no authority in the NT for the practice of sprinkling or pouring and calling it water baptism!6. Pouring or sprinkling cannot be practiced by faith! (See Heb. 11:6; Rom. 10:17; 1:17, etc)7. Sprinkling or pouring cannot be done in the name of the Lord Jesus. (See Col. 3:17).8. Scriptural baptism is a burial in water and a rising up out it. (See Rom. 6:4 & Col. 2:11-12). It is an im-mersion that requires "much water" (see John 3:23). Also see Acts 8:38-39.No, it cannot be proven by the Scriptures that either sprinkling or pouring is Scriptural water baptism.