Should Infants Be Baptized Today Because Infants Were Circumcised In The Old Testament ?

Many use Colossians 2:11-13 to say water baptism is New Testament circumcision, and infants were circumcised in the Old Testament, therefore infants should be baptized in the New Testament dispensation.First we should note that if this argument were correct, then infant baptism advocates should only baptize males, and then always when they are eight days old. After all, that is what was done with circumcision. Is that what is done when baptizing infants?But actually, Colossians 2:11-13 is not saying baptism is New Testament circumcision. The circumcision here is made without hands and is the cutting off of our sins when we are baptized. Read the passage carefully and see for yourself.Verse 12 goes on to say the people here showed “faith of the operation of God” when they were baptized. This rules out infants, doesn’t it?The fact is the Bible nowhere mentions baptism and infants in the same verse.