Preaching The Whole Counsel - Acts 20:27

I read somewhere recently that a survey was taken at the Southern Baptist Convention and two-thirds of their preachers had never addressed in their teaching the “divorce and remarriage” topic referenced by a number of Biblical texts (like I Cor 7:10). I wonder what the reason for this is?Is it because there are so many adulterous marriages (according to passages like Matthew 19:9) that many Baptist churches have given up the fight against such? Matt 7:14 predicted that few would be willing to follow the “strait … and narrow … way.”Perhaps it is because preachers (of all type churches) have a tendency to try to remain popular by preaching what their audiences want to hear (II Tim 4:3)? Believers with “itching ears” will demand that their preachers cater to their itch.Are many preachers succumbing to the temptation to leave off teaching on the “touchy” subjects because they are afraid their salary will be cut (Rom 16:17-18)? There is an old saying that there are no touchy subjects, only touchy people.There is no way for us to know the reason in any specific case (since we cannot read a person’s mind) and maybe it is a combination of all of the above reasons, but a lesson we can learn as Christians is that all Bible issues should be dealt with (Matt 4:4b). No question should be off limits (Ezek 3:18). Limiting our teaching to what our audiences already agree with (even if we have reasons for such) really defeats the whole purpose for Bible study - seeking the truth (Matt 7:7). Remember - only the truth will set us free from sin (John 8:32).

UncategorizedPatrick Donahue