Preaching To The Choir

We all know what the expression “preaching to the choir” means. It is not always a bad thing to preach what your audience already agrees with – reminders are important (I Cor 4:17). But a problem results when all a gospel preacher does is preach to the choir. If he avoids touchy or controversial subjects, if he limits himself to only what his audience already adheres to, then …· he is not preaching “all the counsel of God” - Acts 20:27· he is not warning his audience as he should – Ezek 3:18· their (spiritual) blood will be upon his hands – Acts 20:26· he is (in effect) deceiving hearts because he is leading his listeners into a false sense of security – Rom 16:18· he is falling right into the hands of the devil as he is pandering to only what his audience wants said – II Tim 4:3· his audiences will praise him to no end Luke 6:26Does Acts 20:31 (“Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears”) describe our teaching? How many Micaiahs (I Kings 22:8) are still among us? Looking back at II Tim 4:3, is it possible that most popular preachers among us are so popular because all they do is preach to the choir?