Hardshell Baptists Claim Having To Believe Is Salvation By Works

Southern Baptists (and many others) accuse Christians of teaching a salvation by works because we teach a person must be baptized to be saved.But I would like to know how such person would answer the Hardshell Baptist's accusation that Southern Baptists teach salvation by works, because they teach a man must believe to be saved (the Hardshell Baptist does not).Notice the following quote from Eddie K. Garrett in "The Hardshell Baptist" paper: "In trying to prove human instrumentality involved in regeneration ... He … says, 'The Scriptures recognize the voluntary activity of the human soul in this change as distinctly as they recognize the causative agency of God' ... This is salvation by human effort. Again he says, 'Man is not wholly passive at the time of his regeneration ... The influences of God's Spirit require human agencies, and work through them' this is salvation by works."How would the Southern Baptist reply to Mr. Garrett’s accusation, that saying a person must believe to be saved is teaching a salvation by works?I would respond by saying our faith is not the earning basis of our salvation (the death of Christ is), but our receiving the benefits of the death of Christ is conditioned upon belief on our part.I am confident a Southern Baptist would answer the same way. If he would, then he has his answer to his accusation that Christians teach salvation by works by requiring water baptism as Jesus did in Mark 16:16.

UncategorizedPatrick Donahue