The Greatest Accomplishment In The History Of The World

The phrase “was in all point tempted like as we are, yet without sin” in Heb 4:15 emphasizes Jesus’ astounding accomplishment in completely overcoming sin throughout the course of his whole life. Saying Jesus couldn’t have sinned ignores this greatest feat in the history of mankind - a perfect 33 year life on Jesus’ part. If Jesus couldn’t have sinned, then there is no real achievement in His having lived sinlessly … because it would have been impossible for Jesus to do otherwise.  The truth from this verse is that Jesus was tempted regularly just like any other man, yet he resisted every time.Practically speaking, what is the significant difference between “Jesus couldn’t sin” and “Jesus didn’t sin”? It is important to understand the fact that Jesus could have sinned but didn’t (I Pet 2:22), because that leaves us without excuse for our sin. Saying Jesus couldn’t have sinned (because He was God) provides excuse that we (not being God) can’t help but commit sin; that God made us that way. Jesus’ grand triumph of perfectly overcoming the real possibility of sin (as a man) proves conclusively it is possible for us (men) to resist sin, thereby making us responsible for each and every sin we commit (Rom 6:23).