Jesus Paid For Our Sins = Substitution - Acts 20:28

Just like we might purchase a foreclosed house by paying off its mortgage, Jesus purchased us by paying off our sin debt:· Acts 20:28 Jesus “purchased” the church with his own blood· Tit 2:14 Jesus did "redeem” us (“… payment …” – Thayer)· I Tim 2:6 Jesus was a “ransom” for all (“price” - Thayer)· Rom 5:11 the “atonement” (“exchange … of money” - Thayer, to make amends for -”)· I Cor 6:20 Jesus “bought” us with his blood (“buy” - Thayer, “to acquire the possession of … by paying .. an equivalent” - you believe Jesus paid for our sins so that we wouldn’t have to, then you believe in Substitution whether you like to use that term or not.Conclusion: Jesus paid for our sins instead of us paying for our sins. That’s what is meant by Substitution.

UncategorizedPatrick Donahue