Does Paul Being Called "Brother" Before He Was Baptized Prove He Was Saved Before He Was Baptized?

Some preachers make the argument that since Ananias calls the apostle Paul "brother" before he was baptized, then Paul must have been a brother in Christ before he was baptized. But Paul was called "brother" in Acts 9:17, not because he was a fellow Christian to Ananias, but because he was a fellow Jew to Ananias. Notice some similar examples:· Romans 9:3 “brethren, kinsmen according to the flesh”· Acts 3:17 Peter calls unsaved Jews "brethren"· Acts 13:26 Paul calls unsaved Jews "brethren"· Acts 22:1 Paul calls unsaved Jews "brethren"· Acts 2:29 Paul calls unsaved Jews "brethren"· Acts 23:1 Peter calls unsaved Jews "brethren"If Paul was a "brother" in the sense of fellow Christian in Acts 9:17, then:· Paul was a "Christian" before he called on the name of the Lord (Acts 22:16), something everybody agrees is necessary to salvation.· Paul was a "Christian" while he was still in his sins, because Acts 22:16 teaches he still needed to have his sins washed away.Who can believe that ?Anybody ought to be able to look at Acts 22:16 and see exactly when Paul's sins were washed away!

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