Does The Prohibition Against Women Preachers In I Cor 14:34-35 Not Apply Today Because Miraculous Gifts Have Ceased?

Since I Corinthians chapter 14 is filled with regulations regarding the miraculous gifts, and those gifts have ceased (I Cor 13:8-13), many Christians conclude the prohibition against women speaking in church in I Cor 14:34-35 does not apply today. Notice how gospel preacher Keith Storment expressed this false position in the magazine “Faith And Facts”:· ... the instructions in vs.33-35 would not apply to any assembly where ... miraculous spiritual gifts cannot be exercised. Specifically, they would ... apply to none of our general assemblies today (unless we align ourselves with the Charismatics and begin speaking in tongues!) [Apr 99]· The overall context of this passage deals with the proper use of miraculous gifts that the Spirit gave to Christians in the first century. With the exception of the discourse about the Lord's Supper, everything from the beginning of chapter 11 to the end of chapter 14 centers around this theme [Oct 98]But this reasoning would prove the Lord's Supper shouldn’t be practiced today, because:· as Keith says, I Cor 11:17-34 (which discusses the Lord’s Supper) is also within Paul's discussion of spiritual gifts· also, Paul's Acts 20:7 sermon was likely inspired and therefore that assembly can't be duplicated in all respectsWouldn't the principle of speaking one at a time taught by I Cor 14:27,30-31 apply today to uninspired teachers? Even Keith teaches (Jul 99) I Cor 14:40 ("Let all things be done decently and in order") applies today. Keith got it right when he said: "we can (not) just wave the magic wand of 'miraculous spiritual gifts' over these verses and dismiss everything they contain as having no relevance for us today." (Oct 98)I Cor 14:34-35 itself does not say one word about miraculous gifts, and therefore most certainly does still apply today. Let’s comply with it.