Definitions of "Eis" In Acts 2:38 by Greek Scholars

Acts 2:38 clearly teaches a sinner must be baptized “for,” that is, “in order to obtain” the remission of sins. Some reply that “for” (“eis” in the Greek) in this verse means “because of” so that the verse would teach people should be baptized after they have already obtained the remission of sins. But notice the following definitions for “eis” by the Greek scholars …Thayer (page 94) - “Eis aphesin hamartion," to obtain the remission of sins”Charles B. Williams, Baptist Translator of the New Testament and a student of Edgar J. Goodspeed - "That your sins may be forgiven."J.W. Wilmarth, a great Baptist scholar - "The truth will never suffer by giving to 'eis' it's true significance. When the Campbellites translate 'in order to' in Acts 2:38, they translate correctly. … 'In order to declare' or 'symbolize' would be a monstrous translation of 'eis.'"William R. Harper, President of Chicago University (Baptist)- "I would say . the preposition 'eis' is to be translated 'unto,' that is, 'in order to secure.' The preposition indicates . the remission of sins is the end to be aimed at in the actions expressed by the predicates 'repent & be baptized.'"Carl H. Morgan, Dean, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminar - "I do not know of any Greek Lexicon which gives to 'eis' the meaning of 'because of.'"D.A. Penick, Professor of Classical Languages, University of Texas - "Normally 'eis' looks forward, and I know of no case in the New Testament where it looks back."Abbot-Smith says of "baptidzo" with "eis" - "Of the element, purpose or result."Robinson says - "With adjuncts marking the object and effect of the rite of baptism"Mr. Winer, one of the greatest Greek grammarians who ever lived - "The purpose and end in view," Acts 2:38Hackett, another Baptist scholar - "This clause states a result of baptism in language derived from the nature of that act. It answers to 'for the remission of sins,' as in Acts 2:38; that is, submit to the rite in order to be forgiven."H.A.W. Meyer, a German scholar - "'Eis' denotes the object of the baptism which is the remission of guilt contracted in the state before repentance."Olshausen - "Baptism is accompanied with the remission of sins, 'eis aphesin hamartion' as a result."Can even one Greek-English Lexicon be produced that defines “eis” in Acts 2:38 as “because”? The above definitions consistently indicate that water baptism is order to obtain the remission of sins. Have you ever been baptized for that reason?

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