Does Salvation Come At The Point of Faith?

Romans 10:13 (and Acts 2:21) undeniably teach salvation is conditioned upon calling on the name of the Lord, which according to verse 14 ("How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed?") clearly comes after belief. So salvation does not come at the point of faith.In the same context, Rom 10:10 teaches salvation is conditioned upon a “confession with the mouth,” which of course could only come honestly after belief. So one is not saved at the moment he believes.Notice also Acts 9:5-6 shows that Saul believed on the road to Damascus, but Acts 22:16 plainly shows Saul was still in his sins at least three days later (Acts 9:9). So Paul was not saved at the time he believed.Conclusion: Salvation at the point of faith is not true Bible doctrine.